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Our Priorities

Social Health

DadBods is built on social inclusion and integration. Men require a support network of like-minded individuals... and that's where we come in!

P.S. Some of our events are fitness oriented. Some involve drinking beers. We're all about balance!

Physical Fitness

Regular physical activity improves weight management, energy, concentration, productivity, sleep quality, sexual drive, mood... need we go on?!?!

Our Weekly Outdoor Group Sessions prioritise movement education, injury prevention and functional strength & fitness.

Come join the crew for a workout!

Mental Wellbeing

Our team of highly qualified professionals understand the challenges associated with managing work/life/family balance. The list is never ending!

We are talking to employers here! Find out more about our tailored Workplace Programs and how they can help your employees with increased productivity and effectiveness.

"The DadBods programme is an innovative and enjoyable concept that provides so much for blokes of all ages; it's not just a fitness regime or a diet plan, but a platform to really improve or develop understanding in so many areas, from nutrition to mental well-being, as well as being a good opportunity to mix with a bunch of likeable and entertaining characters" 

DadBod, Nick

"DadBods is a wonderful concept. It targets men in those times of their life when they prioritise anything but their health and helps them make it a priority. The sense of camaraderie and mateship is a wonderful bonus.

I love it" 

DadBod, Greg

We are currently running weekly Group Sessions in KANGAROO POINT

Our Community

DadBods Members

We cater for all adult men who are looking to prioritise their physical, social and mental wellbeing.

We teach our Members lifestyle habits that allow them to better look after themselves, their families, and others in their community.

Friends & Family

Our services are also open to all friends and family of our DadBods Members!

We put family first, and encourage our members to look after their health so that they can be present fathers, supportive partners, reliable brothers, adoring sons and amazing friends.


Our team of experienced fitness and allied health professionals are committed to supporting, coaching and guiding the DadBods community.

Their combined knowledge and experience enables us to provide a tailored experience for men of all ages and backgrounds.

We are based in Brisbane!


m: 0400 715 143 (Julian)

e: enquiries@dadbods.net.au


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Ready to start your DadBods journey?